Stockbridge Radio Car Club

We are a non-profit organisation promoting interest in the building and racing of Radio Control Model Cars. We have members of all ages and skill levels with a friendly approach to beginners and new members. Many of our drivers have raced nationally and have a good deal of experience to share and pass on to newbies.

Racing takes place fortnightly on Sundays between 8am and 2pm in the Sports Hall at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre. We currently race 1:10 scale electric Touring Cars, the most popular class of car, we also race 1:12 scale circuit cars (like LeMans style). Racing takes place on a carpet surface with track markers and an automated counting system in use for accurate scoring.

We are fully affiliated to the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) the governing body of our sport, this means we do have to have a £12 charge for membership that goes directly to them, this provides third party insurance and also a handbook and regular newsletter.

Racing currently costs £4 per driver , for this you get four qualifying races and a final so 25 minutes running altogether

Keith Ellis