Stocksbridge Ladies Netball

The club trains on Monday nights. Normally during the summer months we are at the tennis courts on Linden Crescent from 6.00 – 7.30pm. However due to ongoing work on the tennis courts the times are 6.00 – 7.00 at Stocksbridge High School until the end of July.

In the winter we are at Stocksbridge High School from 6-00 - 7.00pm

Members can join us from the age of 14 upwards.

The club enters a team in the Sheffield summer and winter leagues which are normally played at The English Institute of Sport (EIS) on Tuesday evenings.

Some people come and train each week but do not play in the matches so people can be as ‘serious’ as they wish!

We are a friendly club and suggest that people come for a couple of sessions and give us a try.

Yearly membership is £40 with £3 training fees – there are no extra match fees. These fees cover :
Hire of facilities
Cost of equipment
Coaching & umpiring fees
League fees and affiliation to All England which includes personal injury and kit insurance.

Contact either Catherine on 2831727 email: or

Lorraine Tazzyman on 2884715 email:


A bit of our history

The club was formed at least sixty years ago as part of the Works Sports and Social Club - probably British Steel or whatever incarnation was in charge then!
Most players would work in the steel works and play in works leagues in Sheffield; sometimes on both Saturday morningsand afternoons! They would travel all over Sheffield to compete with other works teams and were very successful. Gradually the number of players who actually worked in the steel works declined and match venues were centralised; now they are  mostly inside at the International Venue: EIS in Sheffield. 
Times were tough then, with matches taking place outside in all weathers. Older players will remember sweeping snow off the courts and sprinkling salt on the lines to defrost them. A particularly difficult court was on the car park at a big, local sports and social club where we had to find members and ask them to move their cars before sweeping the glass off the court from the night before. None of these air conditioned sports halls with beautiful surfaces that are par for the course today! 

The club is still part of the Sports and Social Club and benefits from their support.

Catherine Cotterill