Autumn Fair Inman Pavilion

Come and join us - it should be fun! There are tabletop sales,refreshments, cake stall, tombola, Dance Displays, Name the Teddy, Lucky Dip, Bric-a-Brac and more!
If you need more information (or want to donate a cake or give a hand),
contact: or 07966 720 773

The Inman Initiative

The Inman Initiative

Since the 60’s, the Inman Pavilion on Moorland Drive, has been a much loved community hall and it still is but it’s showing its age a little now. It is structurally sound but leaks energy. It has plenty of space but it needs a little reorganisation to make it a bit more useful for the different groups. Now it has a committee of people representing all the groups using it and the aim is to make the Pavilion a flexible, energy-efficient building sustainable for the next 30 years or so!

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