Stocksbridge gears up for Le Tour!

On Monday 9th.December, a vision meeting occured at Stocksbridge Town Hall. Chaired by Nigel Owen, a diverse group of 13, representing many aspects of life in the Valley (Cycling, Stocksbridge Rugby Club, the King and Miller, sports development, the Lunch Box, events team, walkers, In Bloom ..... and more) discussed the opportunities offered by the forthcoming visit of Le Tour.

Many points, and possibilities, were raised:

  • North Yorkshire is expecting 120,000 visitors
  • Stocksbridge will get 10's of thousands - it is the only town, on the route, between Holmfirth and Sheffield - this provides a unique opportunity to promote 'the valley' - can attract people to return. STC have contacted all local Parish Councils - working well with Penistone & Langsett.
  • A need to say event is happening - who? What? Where ? Why?
  • Race 15 mins, then teams etc preceded by procession Stocksbridge will be grid-locked.
  • Town will be 'dressed' - 20 (3'x2') flags - Yorkshire, St.George & French tricolor. Yellow & white flowers.
  • want community to take the risks in advance - don't want to rip people off, want them to return
  • Theme: 'Yorkshire'
  • Do we use the 100 days for a dress rehearsal? - May is Stocksbridge festival month - an opportunity to test ideas.
  • Need ideas for the long-term - this is what we want you to do ..... Empower the community.
  • 4SLC want to have campsites, camper vans etc on site.
  • small buses to ferry people.
  • Pop-up shop as a bike shop?
  • Very little accommodation available locally.
  • Accept euros for payment in addition to £.
  • World Cup Fixtures and kick-off times on 4/5/6 July - quarter finals on both 4th.and 5th 17:00 and 20:00 kick-off times - opportunities for big screens!
  • Stocksbridge going places' logo?
  • le Tour Makers? - further info. to follow from Welcome to  Yorkshire by end of December .....
  • Stocksbridge WaW started about two years ago - now have 25 walks on website. TdF flyer - just over 30,000 printed ..... distributed widely including beyond immediate area - very positive reaction
  • Stocksbridge Community Forum website could be a great asset.


  • Land space, rooms
  • Caravan, camper vans, tents, back-packers, cyclists, cars, walkers.
  • TPT as a route in. Parking on school sites?
  • Security?
  • Toilets - where?
  • Working cash points required (ideally, more then two!)
  • First aid centres?
  • Legacy to include a campsite in the area and more places to stay. Returning visitors.


  • Disability access?
  • Cafés, pubs, takeaways, restaurants, churches Barbecues, Mobile food?
  • Transport links? -
  • Stagecoach SL buses to link Oughtibridge and Midhope?
  • Legacy - microbrewery in the Valley?


  • Legacy can start before July 6th.
  • Ride the route - guided tours, get bikes used - different levels of expertise
  • Walk the route
  • Stocksbridge Cycling Club: liaise with cycling clubs & Ride Sheffield
  • Cycling hill climbs
  • national hill climb championship in Stocksbridge 14th.October 2014
  • Wharncliffe woods cycling?
  • TPT as a route in for visitors
  • Mountain bike/horse route/loop?
  • Formal event ? - outdoor ball ? 'The Steel Ball' - to become an annual event?
  • Music & arts - big music events on Friday, Sat & Sunday - possibly beer and music festival?
  • Big screens with live race footage - the venue?, Midhope? SCLC?
  • Cycling film festival? - possible need for licensing Recycling bikes ? Health and safety issues ..... Community project exists - 'pedal power'
  • 3-day market - cycling stuff & food
  • Use May as rehearsal time
  • Get events onto Welcome to Yorkshire Sportive website
  • Stuff that looks good from above - 'Y' 'wiggo' emblem? - possible competition for schools?
  • Schools involved?
  • Needs children's events
  • We will be live TV globally - unique opportunity to sell the area
  • Legacy - what will be remembered? - promote the area and tourism, hill climb centre, major mountain bike centre
  • Website - importance of using tags on websites


Next meeting: Monday 13th.January - 19:00 - Town Hall


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It's now possible to register interest in attending the Team Presentation of the Grand Départ 2014. The official ceremony will be held at the first direct arena in Leeds on Thursday 3rd July and will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Visit Penistone have an excellent section about Le Tour in this area: