Stocksbridge learners swimming pool re-opens!

SCLC Trust1 Directors, now running the recently re-opened Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre have, today, announced their intention to re-open the two swimming pools within the next 12 months.

This follows a meeting with members of Stocksbridge Town Council and Sheffield City Council’s Director of Culture & Environment, who were presented with a proposal fully detailing the costs associated with the project and the benefits the re-opening would bring to the town.

A Trust spokesperson confirmed, ‘We believe the timing is absolutely perfect. With the highly successful re-opening of the ‘dry’ side we have proven that there is significant demand for a local indoor leisure facility. We are also aware of the huge ground swell of support for re-opening the pools.’

‘This is our intention. We have already carried out a major feasibility study into the viability of the scheme, including the costs to repair and maintain the facility. We believe that, with the continued support of the local community as well as support from the Town and City Council, we could repair and re-open the pool and return it to community use within 12 months’

‘The major stumbling block, as with all such schemes, is money. Initially, we need to raise £100,000 to repair the pool and further substantial funds to run it. However, the success of the ‘dry’ side, with its combination of a popular membership scheme2 and volunteer programme3 has provided the City Council with a model of how local authority and local community can work together to provide a facility that would have otherwise been demolished. We believe this same model can apply to the swimming pools’

‘We are currently in negotiation with the City Council for a 25 year lease on the building. This will enable us to apply for grants and benefactions. We are also looking at more energy efficient ways to heat and light the building including solar and biomass schemes.’

For more information please contact: Fay Howard (0114) 288 4361 / mobile 07423 067833

Editor’s Note:

Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre is managed by 4SLC Trust – a charitable company limited by guarantee. It has a Board of eight voluntary (unpaid) Directors. Membership of the Trust is open to all and all Trust members have voting rights.

The membership scheme, launched prior to the opening in January 2014, has exceeded all expectations. We have over 320 signed up members and are looking to extend the scheme by offering discounts and offers with local businesses.

Our business model – unlike the previous administration – is underpinned by an enthusiastic volunteer force of over 60 local residents who help cover the 80+ hours we are open each week. This model makes us unique in the City.

Our original financial forecast – as submitted to the City Council – has been exceeded in both turnover and profitability.

We employ a centre manager and will be recruiting more paid staff in the very near future. We are also looking to establish an apprenticeship programme with local colleges.